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Famous Physicist Quotes Puzzle: Bohr, Tesla, Einstein, Ørsted, Plank, Newton Customisable

Famous Physicist Quotes Puzzle: Bohr, Tesla, Einstein, Ørsted, Plank, Newton Customisable

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Famous Physicist Quotes Puzzle

Dive into the minds of history's greatest scientific minds with our Laser Cut and Engraved Wooden Puzzle. This meticulously crafted puzzle features iconic quotes from renowned physicists: Niels Bohr, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Hans Christian Ørsted, Max Planck, Sir Isaac Newton, Richard Feynman and Katherine Johnson (from the brilliant story Hidden Numbers).

Key Features:
- Intricate Design: Each puzzle piece is laser cut with precision, ensuring a perfect fit and an engaging assembly experience.
- Inspirational Quotes: Engraved with timeless wisdom from Bohr, Tesla, Einstein, Ørsted, Planck, and Newton, this puzzle offers a unique blend of challenge and enlightenment.
- Premium Quality Wood: Made from high-quality, sustainably sourced wood, our puzzle pieces are designed to last and provide a satisfying tactile experience.
- Customisable Options: Personalize your puzzle with a custom engraving. Add a special message, name, or date to make it a truly unique gift.
- Educational and Fun: Perfect for both adults and older children, this puzzle not only entertains but also educates, making it an excellent choice for science enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike.

- Standard Size: 38 x27 cm

- 297 precision cut pieces

Perfect For:
- Science lovers and enthusiasts
- Educational purposes in classrooms
- Unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions
- Home decor for a touch of intellectual charm

Challenge your mind, appreciate the brilliance of history’s greatest physicists, and enjoy the beauty of wooden craftsmanship with the Famous Physicist Quotes Puzzle. Order yours today and bring a piece of scientific heritage into your home!

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